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PDNA GUIDELINES VOLUME B - Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries & Forestry

In this chapter, the Agricultural Sector is divided into four main sub-sectors, namely: 1) Crops; 2) Livestock (both production and animal health); 3) Fisheries and Aquaculture (including capture fisheries); and 4) Forestry. This chapter is underpinned conceptually by a Sustainable Livelihoods Framework, which is a people-centred approach that allows flexible assessment and planning and can facilitate a comprehensive assessment. A Sustainable Livelihoods Framework consists of four key elements: Vulnerability context: shocks, trends, etc.; Livelihood assets and activities: human, natural, financial, social and physical capital; Structures and processes: institutions, policies, social processes, etc.; and Livelihood strategies and outcomes: increased income, reduced vulnerability, improved food security, etc.

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