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International Recovery Platform


This guidance should be used as a complement to the Volume A Guidelines of the PDNA methodology. It is aimed to assist in carrying out a PDNA of culture sector in order to conduct an integrated assessment of the impacts of disaster effects on the sector, and to define the main lines of a recovery strategy that would incorporate DRR considerations. In the process, this guidance should enable the PDNA Culture Team to identify increased risks to culture that may arise from the effects of the disaster or from reconstruction of other sectors, as well as the opportunities associated with the sector for supporting the recovery process in general. The guidance assume that the Team will have good knowledge of the range of cultural properties and expressions (tangible and intangible) present in the area affected by the disaster, of the relationship between these assets and general livelihoods, as well as of the strong linkages between sustainable development and cultural diversity. The PDNA for culture sector aims to be a strategic rather than an exhaustive assessment, to be conducted in a timely fashion and in the short timeframe dictated by the overall PDNA process, closely coordinated with other sector analyses. Finally, it should be considered that implementation of PDNA for the culture sector is still in its infancy. When more PDNAs Culture will have been carried out, it is envisaged that this guidance will be significantly enriched through the experience accumulated. At the same time, it is expected that future versions of this guidance will benefit from a more consolidated and internationally accepted conceptual framework that defines the contribution of culture to human development, as well as from further knowledge, case studies and practical tools to express this in post-disaster situations.

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