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International Recovery Platform

PDNA GUIDELINES VOLUME B - Disaster Risk Reduction

This chapter is intended to guide the Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) assessment team in the Post-Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA). The guidance provided is for assessing DRR from the broader perspective as it relates to recovery planning and response, and does not include sector-specific DRR considerations such as livelihoods, education, health, land and property, etc. This sector-specific guidance is available in the sectoral chapters of the present PDNA Volume B, which should be used as additional references. The assessment of the DRR issues focuses on the following main elements: 1. Infrastructure and assets: to assess the damage to infrastructure and assets of DRR-related institutions; 2. Service delivery: to assess the disruption of services provided by DRR institutions, and access to these by affected communities; 3. New and emerging risks: to assess the risks that may have developed as a result of the disaster and that, if not addressed, may deteriorate disaster conditions or put at risk the recovery process, and to identify the measures needed to address these; 4. The performance of the DRR system: to assess how the DRR system performed in relation to the disaster event in question and identify the gaps and needs that must be addressed in the recovery strategy; and 5. Building back better: to identify the capacity-building measures needed to ensure a resilient recovery by building back better.

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