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International Recovery Platform


What is commonly called the tourism sector is in fact part of the wholesale and retail trade or commerce sector under the System of National Accounts. However, due to the growing importance of tourism activities, especially for some countries where tourism is a significant contributor to gross domestic product, efforts have been made in recent times to measure their value under a separate satellite account. See Tourism Satellite Account; Recommended Methodological Framework, Commission of the European Communities, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), World Tourism Organization (WTO), and United Nations, Luxemburg, Madrid, New York, Paris, 2001. For disaster impact assessment in countries where tourism activities are of strategic economic importance, this chapter is included here to describe procedures for estimating disaster effects, impact as well as post-disaster recovery and reconstruction requirements. Annex II of the Tourism Satellite Account includes the following list of tourism products: Accommodation services; Food and beverage services; Passenger transport services; Travel agency services; Cultural services; Recreation and other entertainment services; and Miscellaneous and insurance services.

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