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International Recovery Platform


This chapter is intended primarily for members of the PDNA WASH Assessment Team to help them understand the scope of WASH assessments, the challenges and the requirements of an Assessment Team and the limitations within which such assessments are being made. It will also orient national governments, the appropriate authorities and their representatives to understand the need for assessments in post-disaster situations, and facilitate their participation and contribution to the assessment process. Depending on the institutional context on the ground, it may be necessary for the WASH Assessment Team to share their expertise between the Infrastructure Team and the Social Sector Team, which works closely with the Housing, Health and Education subsectors. This is because the National Accounts, which forms the basis for the deployment into the sectors, does not always have a WASH component and often disaggregates WASH into the Infrastructure and the Social components of the National Accounts. However, to maintain coherence between the technical, hardware and social aspects of WASH, the WASH Assessment Team should meet and/or exchange regularly information gathered during the assessment process.

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