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International Recovery Platform

Capacity Building Database

This site provides a list of institutions working in the field of disaster management with a specific focus on training and capacity building for disaster risk reduction.

Launched by the International Labour Organization (ILO), this initiative is a contribution to the International Recovery Platform (IRP) which identifies post-disaster recovery as one of the key opportunities to reduce disaster risk and whose role is to set up a coordination framework for key international agencies involved in relief and post-disaster recovery operations.

According to the disaster risk reduction agenda set up by the Hyogo Framework for Action 2005-2015, Capacity Building (CB) is a cross-cutting issue: expertise and resources are available worldwide, however due to information overload and lack of effective harmonization amongst actors, the use of these resources is not optimized.

In the technical field of disaster risk management, according to the definition provided by UN/ISDR, capacity building involves those "efforts aimed to develop human skills or societal infrastructures within a community or organization needed to reduce the level of risk. In extended understanding, capacity building also includes development of institutional, financial, political and other resources, such as technology at different levels and sectors of the society".

The main objective of this database is to provide an open, clear and user-friendly inventory of available resources worldwide, with a special emphasis on training offerings and knowledge tools at international, regional, national and local level.

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