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International Recovery Platform

IRP Recovery Help Desk

What is the IRP Recovery Help Desk?

The IRP Recovery Help Desk has been established to offer a mechanism to submit requests for disaster recovery-related guidance, capacity building, or technical assistance to the IRP for support.

The IRP is a joint initiative of United Nations organizations, international financial institutions, national and local governments, and non-governmental organizations engaged in disaster recovery, seeking to transform disasters into opportunities for sustainable development.

The Recovery Help Desk operates through the IRP platform. Requests received through the Recovery Help Desk are routed by the Secretariat to appropriate IRP Steering Committee Member agencies for review. Responses to requests will be coordinated through the IRP Secretariat. At this time, the Recovery Help Desk is only open to requests from representatives of national governments and subnational governments.

To engage the IRP Recovery Help Desk, representatives of national governments may submit a detailed request by email to the Recovery Help Desk for support (helpdesk(at)