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International Recovery Platform

The Steering Committee

Roles and Responsibilities

The Steering Committee serves as the decision making body with responsibility for providing strategic oversight and guidance on IRP activities including approval of the annual work-plan.

More specifically, the IRP Steering Committee will:
(a) Decide on the membership of Steering Committee members
(b) Endorse and periodically update the five year IRP Strategic Framework
(c) Approve the annual work-plan
(d) Review mid-year and annual reports on IRP activities.


The Steering Committee comprises representatives of IRP members. The membership and number of Steering Committee members is decided by consensus amongst IRP members. Requests to become a Steering Committee member will be received by the Secretariat and considered by Steering Committee members either in or out of session as determined by the Chair. Steering Committee members are expected to contribute towards the approved activities of IRP, by means of commitment of funds or in-kind contributions including the costs associated with IRP steering committee functions.

The Steering Committee members can request the Chair for technical experts or specialist to attend meetings on an ad-hoc basis to provide specialist inputs as and when deemed necessary. If any IRP partners are seriously considering joining in IRP and wish to observe a meeting of the Steering Committee, they can contact to the Secretariat. In consultation with the Steering Committee members, Chair will admit them to observe a meeting of the Steering Committee and contribute to discussions.


The Steering Committee will convene twice per year " at the beginning of the calendar year and at the mid-year. Extra ordinary meetings can be convened if necessary. Members can participate through video conferencing or other means where travel limitations prevent their attendance in person. This also ensures continuity of membership.

Decision-making Mechanism

Steering Committee decisions are consensus driven and should be consistent with the IRP vision, mission and goals. In cases where consensus cannot be reached, the Chair and Co-Chair will decide.

Chair and Co-Chair

The Steering Committee shall have a Chair who will be selected from among the IRP Steering Committee member organizations. A permanent Co-Chair will be appointed by the Government of Japan. The Chair and Co-chair shall not belong to the same organization.

The Chair shall have the following responsibilities:

The Co-chair shall have the following responsibilities:

The Chair shall continue to perform the role until the successor has officially taken up the role. The Secretariat will be required to provide a handover note or briefing as part of the transition.


Steering Committee Workspace