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International Recovery Platform

Vision, Mission and Goals

Vision: To be internationally recognises as the principal platform for the sharing of experiences and learnings on build-back-better in recovery approaches.

Mission: To identify and strengthen knowledge and information on build-back-better in recovery, rehabilitation, and reconstruction.


Goal 1: To proactively contribute to the implementation of Priority Four of the Sendai Framework and lead discussions around the issue of build-back-better at  international forums.

Sub Goals:

1.1 To systematize, promote, and disseminate knowledge that supports countries and partners to implement the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, specifically Priority Four related to ‘build-back-better’.

1.2 To support the enhancement of capacity through its partners for integrating build-back-better approaches.

1.3 To identify and promote the tools, methodologies and knowledge/ information management systems that are available to support partners and countries to achieve build-back-better outcomes.

Goal 2: To promote collaboration and cooperation among global and regional partners on the subject of build-back-better in recovery, rehabilitation and reconstruction.

Sub Goals:

2.1 To advocate at international and regional forums that build-back-better approaches are systematically incorporated into development and recovery policies, planning and practise.

2.2  To coordinate a referral system and network among IRP partners for providing guidance and advice on build-back-better related issues.

2.3  To contribute to other global framework discussions, advocating for the adoption of sustainable development though retrospective and reactive resilience policy pathways.

Goal 3: To promote shared understanding of a common strategic approach for build-back-better among IRP partners

Sub Goals:

3.1 To facilitate the consolidation of knowledge within the IRP network and promote synergy for guidance on build-back-better.

3.2 To provide a learning and information sharing platform through the International Recovery Forum

3.3 To manage and promote the IRP knowledge system and network supported by research and development of thought pieces around build-back-better in reconstruction.