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Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, 1995

Country Japan
Location Southern part of Hyogo Prefecture

Brief Overview of the Disaster
The Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, registering a seismic magnitude of 7.3, struck the southern part of Hyogo Prefecture at 5:46 on January 17, 1995. This vertical-thrust earthquake was responsible for the loss of more than 6,400 lives, and severely damaged utility lines such as electricity, gas, and water supply, in addition to houses and urban infrastructure, including expressways, railroads, and harbors. The total damage amount was valued at approximately 10 trillion yen.Despite difficult conditions, including severed traffic networks and paralyzed urban functions, steady restoration took place through the dedicated efforts of those involved and with generous assistance from around the world. In only six days following the Earthquake, provisional supply of electricity was restored, with water and gas reconnected in three months.

Displaced 316,678 at peak (1,153 evacation areas)
Dead 6,434
Missing 3
Injured 43,792
Housing Destroyed/Damaged Complete destruction 104,906 houses ( 186,175 households), Partial destruction; 144,274 houses ( 274,182 households), Partial damage; 390, 506 houses, Total; 639,686 houses, Fully burned; 7,036 houses, Patial burned; 96 houses
Total Damage and Losses (in USD) Estimated damage of between 100 to 150 billion U.S. dollars
Note A lot of people were sleeping because it was early morning that the earthquake had occurred.  Many people were crushed by the old timbered houses or by those  furnitures. 65 years and more occupied half the number of the dead. About 10 percent of the dead died of  fires.
Total affected: 8,969 households
Main Source
GLIDE No. EQ-1995-000003-JPN 


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