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International Recovery Platform

Bangladesh Cyclone (Gorky), 1991

Country Bangladesh
Location Chittagong region Cox's Bazar in SE Bangladesh

Brief Overview of the Disaster
On 29 April 1991 a Category 4 tropical cyclone struck the Chittagong region in SE Bangladesh with maximum windspeeds of 193 km/h1,2. The cyclone was one of the most severe storms to strike Bangladesh in the twentieth century and left over 10 million people homeless. The cyclone also drove a 6 m high storm surge that impacted the districts of Chittagong, Cox's Bazar, Barisal, Noakhali, Patuakhali, Barguna and Kutubdia. Although 2 million people were evacuated from coastal regions, the death toll was high due to the majority of residents in the Chittagong region receiving little warning of the impending cyclone. For three to four weeks after the storm had dissipated, mass land erosion resulted in the loss of agricultural land and led to unemployment.

Displaced 10 million people homeless
Dead 138,866
Missing Not specified
Injured 138,894
Housing Destroyed/Damaged Completely Destroyed: 1 million Partly Damaged: 910,000
Total Damage and Losses ( in USD) 1,780 million
Note Total affected 15,438,849
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