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International Recovery Platform

Nevado del Ruiz Volcano Eruption, 1985

Country Colombia
Location Armero, Chinchina, Casablanca, Herveo, Libano, Murillo, Villahermosa

Brief Overview of the Disaster
The 13th of November 1985, one year after its reactivation, the Nevado del Ruiz volcano erupted.   This caused part of the snowy cap to melt, thereby provoking great stone and mud avalanches, which ran throughout river-beds and brooks that originate in the snowy mountain and reached the lower zones of both flanks of the mountain range on which the Volcano is located. On its path, these avalanches destroyed almost all of the city of Armero.  Chinchiná, other minor settlements and part of a large rural area were hit to a lesser degree and 23 municipalities were affected in different degrees. Social and physical infrastructure, as well as public and transportation services were seriously damaged and the agricultural, industrial and commercial sectors were highly affected.

Displaced Not specified
Dead 21,800
Missing Not specified
Injured 5,000
Housing Destroyed/Damaged 5,000
Total Damage and Losses ( in USD) 1 billion
Note Total affected 12,700
Main Source
GLIDE No. VO-1985-000004-COL