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International Recovery Platform

Latur Earthquake, 1993

Country India
Location Centered near the village of Killari, Latur district, Maharashtra State, Central India

Brief Overview of the Disaster 
The Latur earthquake struck India on September 30, 1993. The main area affected was the Maharashtra State in Western India. The earthquake primarily affected the districts of Latur and Osmanabad. It was an intraplate earthquake. It measured 6.4 on the Richter Scale. The earthquake's focus was around 12km deep - relatively shallow causing shock waves to cause more damage.

Displaced Not specifies
Dead 9748
Missing Not specifies
Injured 30,000
Housing Destroyed/Damaged Not specifies
Total Damage and Losses (in USD) 280 million
Note Total affected 30,000
Main Source
IRP Database
GLIDE No. EQ-1993-000003-IND