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International Recovery Platform

Coffee Belt Earthquake, 1999

Country Colombia
Location Coffee Belt in the central region of Colombia

Brief Overview of the Disaster 
On January 25, 1999, a seismic event of 6.2 degrees in the Richter scale took place, and four hours later, another one of 5.8 degrees shook the Coffee Belt located in the central region of Colombia, on the central Cordillera. The earthquake unchained a series of landslides which blocked some of the main routes that communicate the cities and towns of the region. This event also caused one of the major disasters that has ever hit the national territory, due both to the extent of the affected area and to the complex urban situation that originated due to the high level of destruction and the considerable amount of survivors that were seriously affected.

Displaced 452,370 homeless
Dead 1,186
Missing Not specifies
Injured 8,563
Housing Destroyed/Damaged 100,852 buildings damaged
Total Damage and Losses (in USD) 1.8 billion
Note Total affected: 1,205,933
Main Source
GLIDE No. EQ-1999-000007-COL