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International Recovery Platform

Chi-chi Earthquake, 1999

Country Taiwan, China
Location Nanto, Taichung country, South East of Taipei, Taiwan

Brief Overview of the Disaster 
On Sept. 21, 1999, at 1:47 a.m. (local time), central Taiwan experienced a destructive earthquake. As a result of this earthquake, more than 2,400 lives were lost, and more than 10,000 people were injured, according to the Taiwanese official report. Approximately 10,000 buildings and homes collapsed, and about 7,000 were severely damaged. Highway bridges, including those constructed under modern seismic design codes, were severely damaged. At least nine bridges were severely damaged, including three bridges that were under construction. Five bridges collapsed due to fault rupture, and seven bridges were moderately damaged. This earthquake, called the Chichi Earthquake, measured 7.6 on the moment magnitude (Mw) scale.

Displaced 100,000 homeless
Dead 2264
Missing Not specified
Injured 8664
Housing Destroyed/Damaged Not specified
Total Damage and Losses  (in USD) 14,100 million
Note Total affected:108,664
Main Source
IRP Database
GLIDE No. EQ-1999-000321-TWN