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Mozambique Floods, 2000

Country Mozambique
Location Matutuine, Manhica, Magude, Marracune (Maputo Province), Chibuto, Chokwe, Mabalane (Gaza Province), Inhambane, Sofala, Manica,Tete provinces

Brief Overview of the Disaster 
The 2001 floods mainly affected the central provinces of Mozambique Zambezia, northern Sofala, then the Tete and Manica provinces in Central Mozambique during February and March.  The floods were caused both by prolonged and intensive rains at the end of 2000 and in early 2001 in central Mozambique, and by neighboring countries’ increasing flows from the Kariba and Cabora Bassa dams. In March coastal Nampula was hit by cyclone Dera. 223,000 were displaced.  Loss of life was minimal because of the slower onset of the disaster, as compared with the “wall of water” impact of the 2000 floods further south. Agencies were better prepared to respond to the 2001 floods because the systems and contacts established in 2000 were in place

Displaced 223,000
Dead 800
Missing Not specified
Injured Not specified
Housing Destroyed/Damaged Not specified
Total Damage and Losses (in USD) 419.2 million
Note Total affected: 4,500,000
Main Source
GLIDE No. FL-2000-000012-MOZ


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