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International Recovery Platform

Bolivian Landslide, 2003

Country Bolivia 
Location Chima (Tipuani, Larecaja province, La Paz department)  

Brief Overview of the Disaster  
The landslide occurred on 31 March, in Chima, a gold mining settlement in the municipality of Tipuani, located 250 km from La Paz. The Government of Bolivia has made an international appeal for assistance and has requested UNDP to coordinate the assistance granted by donors for this disaster.

Displaced 300 homeless 
Dead 69 
Missing Not specified 
Injured 11 
Housing Destroyed/Damaged Close to 30 per cent of the settlement destroyed and high risk damages in approximately 70 per cent of what remained standing 
Total Damage and Losses (in USD) 116 houses totally destroyed and 33 partially destroyed 
Note Total affected:1001 
Main Source
GLIDE No. LS-2003-000114-BOL