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International Recovery Platform

Hurricane Katrina, 2005

Country United States of America
Location New Orleans

Brief Overview of the Disaster 
The storm surge from Hurricane Katrina, which made landfall on August 29, 2005, caused catastrophic damage along the coastlines of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Levees separating Lake Pontchartrain from New Orleans were breached, ultimately flooding about 80% of the city. Additionally, major wind damage was reported as far as 200 miles inland. Katrina is now considered the deadliest and costliest hurricane in the U.S. in over 80 years. In all, more than 1,400 people were killed and damages are estimated to have exceeded more than $75 billion.

Displaced Not specified
Dead 1,036
Missing Not specified
Injured Not specified
Housing Destroyed/Damaged Not specified
Total Damage and Losses (in USD) 125 billion
Note Total affected: 500,000
Main Source$File/fin-gen-26apr.pdf
GLIDE No. TC-2005-000144-USA