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International Recovery Platform

Support to Recovery: Philippines

 IRP Supports Recovery in the Philippines

Building Back Better
The IRP Secretariat, supported by UNISDR, is providing knowledge management support to recovery following typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng. 'Knowledge and Information for Recovery' are key contributions to longer-term recovery efforts. The focus is on assisting Local Governments with relevant information to ensure build back better. The knowledge offered includes: lessons learned, best practices and checklists.

IRP knowledge products for the Philippines recovery effort

Debris Management
Guidance on Debris Management for Recovery
Why environment in recovery
Tools for environment in recovery
Case studies environment in recovery
Checklist for environment in recovery
Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation 
  - Local Government Experiences from Albay Provincial Government, Philippines -
Adapting to Climate Change Can Reduce Disaster Risk Lessons from Asia
Why Gender Issues in Recovery are Important?
Gender-Sensitive Recovery Guidance: Livelihood
Gender-Sensitive Recovery Guidance: Shelter
Gender-Sensitive Recovery Guidance: Empowerment
Gender and Recovery: Case Studies
Gender References
Disaster Risk Reduction Tools: Gender assessments
・Disaster Risk Reduction Tools: Monitoring for gender sensitivity
Why Governance Issues in Recovery are Important?
Recovery Policy: Good Practices and Lessons
Governance in Recovery: Lessons from Past Disasters
Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Preparedness
Introduction of Livelihood Recovery
Supporting Livelihood in Disaster Recovery
Planning Sustainable Livelihood Recovery
Intervention Strategy for Livelihood Recovery


Tools and Guidelines