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International Recovery Platform

Nepal Earthquake, 2015

The earthquake that hit Nepal on 25 April 2015 at 11:56 am
local time was a major one, with a magnitude of 7.8 on the
Richter scale. It was the strongest quake to hit Nepal since
the historic 1934 event, which had a magnitude of 8.0.
Major aftershocks continued for several weeks, including a
second major earthquake of magnitude 7.4 on 12 May. The
damage was widespread in Kathmandu, the capital city,
and across a wide swathe of rural areas. The confirmed
death toll stands at over 8,800, with more than 22,000
people injured. The earthquake affected over 8 million
people, or one-third of the country’s population, and close
to half a million houses were destroyed.6


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