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International Recovery Platform

Bangladesh Cyclone (Sidr), 2007

Country Bangladesh
Location Khulna-Barisal coast, Mongla, Chittagongand and Cox's Bazar

Brief Overview of the Disaster 
On November 15, 2007, the SIDR cyclone hit the coast of south-west Bangladesh with winds of up to 240 km per hour. It caused extensive damages to houses, water and sanitation infrastructures, harvests, food stocks and livelihoods, also killing livestock and destroying fishing material and other income generating assets. Cyclone Sidr and two preceding floods resulted in at least 4,400 deaths disrupting the lives of millions of people in some of the poorest and most vulnerable areas of the country. Damaged roads made access to the affected areas almost impossible, and with the communications and utility services yet to be restored fully, aid workers and rescuers struggled to reach survivors in most of the affected areas. The government deployed naval ships, aircraft, and helicopters to reinforce the rescue and relief operation. Thousands of trained volunteers were active in the situation.

Displaced Not specified
Dead 4234
Missing Not specified
Injured Not specified
Housing Destroyed/Damaged 564,000 homes have been destroyed; 885,280 houses have been damaged.
Total Damage and Losses (in USD) 2300 million
Note Total affected: 8,978,541
Main Source
GLIDE No. TC-2007-000208-BGD

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