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Managing urban risks in HFA2

This issue focuses on the need for the post-2015 framework for disaster risk reduction (or HFA2) to provide mechanisms which address the exigencies of urban risks. It highlights policy discourses and institutional mechanisms such as frameworks for city resilience and rapid vulnerability profiling that will help manage urban risk. The important themes focused upon in this issue range from addressing risk in informal settlements to the challenges of urban resilience in South Asia, and from the need for climate resilient urban development to the role of governments in engendering urban resilience and sustainability. Insightful and incisive, this issue is aimed to emphasize sustainable solutions to the challenges of urban risk through a robust HFA2. The content of the issue includes: (i) loss and damage: beyond numbers; (ii) addressing risk in urban informal settlements; (iii) loss and damage in urban areas: some challenges in South Asia; (iv) installing urban resilience to hydro-climatic risks; (v) the jigsaw puzzle of recovery in disaster management ; (vi) pathways to urban resilience: information, communication and a new community of practice; (vii) urbanisation and its impact on ground water; (viii) a framework for rapid vulnerability profiling to build climate resilient urban development; (ix) a lens to recognise urban resilience: the city resilience framework; (x) an urban resilience agenda for India; (xi) urban uncertainty in India and climate change; (xii) urban resilience and youth; (xiii) sustainable urban development and the role of the Government; and (xiv) AIDMI: addressing risk in Indian cities.

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