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International Recovery Platform

Building Resilience in Nepal through Public-Private Partnerships

Based on this assessment of the Nepal earthquake, its context and effects, and the response and recovery efforts, this resilience use case specifically assesses innovations that the private sector can bring in working towards the following resilience goals: –– Building resilience into houses: how to ensure the high quality and availability of local building materials, and technical expertise for multihazard construction methods; how to guide local authorities and owners in implementing the building code, gaining a better understanding of local risks and developing more local technical capacity; and how to use subsidies or financing as an incentive to rebuild safely –– Ensuring safe schools: assessing the cost and benefits of retrofitting schools, and how to provide technical support to improve school safety –– Enabling tourism: how to utilize public-private partnerships to encourage tourism, which was seriously affected by the earthquake and is a crucial component of Nepal’s economy.

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