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International Recovery Platform

Vanuatu: Country preparedness package

This document comprises 32 sections covering a range of topics and issues relevant to international support to nationally-led disaster responses. The Country Preparedness Package (CPP) is a joint initiative of the Government of the Republic of Vanuatu and the Pacific Humanitarian Team (PHT). The CPP is intended to strengthen the preparedness and collaboration between national and international actors in disaster response. The CPP is developed and agreed with the national government before a disaster. Through the process, national actors become more aware of international tools and services and how they can be activated. This will enable a more ‘demand-driven’ response tailored to the specific context. The CPP also helps the international actors to become more aware of the existing national systems and structures by clearly documenting and making key information available to all. This will help ensure that responses are nationally-led with international actors supporting and working through the existing national structures.

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