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International Recovery Platform

Options for Increased Private Sector Participation in Resilience Investment

This report highlights the principal challenges of attracting private capital to the financing of climate and natural hazards adaptation projects, and identifies concrete options to address these challenges through blended finance solutions with a focus on the agriculture sector. It is, necessarily, a high-level review of adaptation needs and related financing mechanisms, and it is not a guide on how to secure finance for adaptation projects or an investment prospectus for potential investors and fund managers. This report addresses those in the public sector seeking to secure finance for adaptation projects or processes with focus on the agriculture sector, to help them anticipate and respond to the challenges of financing adaptation, and at policy makers and international finance institutions (IFIs) to help them identify what can be done to make climate resilience more transparent for and attractive to the private sector. It may also be useful for institutional investors, private foundations, and fund managers as potential adaptation project funders to help them understand how finance mechanisms may be tailored to be more relevant to adaption projects. This report focuses on the financing of irrigation infrastructure and resilient agriculture value chains in South Asia, but most of the insights and findings are relevant outside that context.

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