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International Recovery Platform

ReImagina Puerto Rico: Report

Following hurricanes Irma and Maria, the Resilient Puerto Rico Advisory Commission (the Commission) was created in November 2017 to serve as a unifying force among a diverse group of Puerto Rican voices. The Commission's goal is to promote a stronger, more resilient Puerto Rico as it embarks on reimagining development and reconstruction with more public participation and transparency in the recovery processes. This ReImagina Puerto Rico report and six sector reports aim to help rebuild Puerto Rico and significantly contribute to building a stronger and more resilient island. The main report highlights 17 of recommendations identified as high priority, actionable and address critical issues for the recovery and reconstruction of Puerto Rico. The sectors covered are: (1) Housing; (2) Energy; (3) Physical Infrastructure; (4) Health, Education & Social Services; (5) Economic Development; and (6) Natural Infrastructure. Combined, the reports outline six cross-cutting strategies to achieve the recovery principles and a set of 97 recommended actions spanning across all working group sectors. Recommendations include 18 Housing sector actions; 12 for the Energy sector; 30 for Physical Infrastructure; 9 for Health, Education & Social Services; 12 for Economic Development; and 16 for the Natural Infrastructure sector.

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