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International Recovery Platform

Fiji shelter handbook: Inclusive and accessible shelter planning for Fijian communities

The Fiji Shelter Handbook focuses on shelter coordination and response in Fiji. The handbook holistically supports the shelter sector's preparedness for and response to disasters such as cyclones, floods, droughts, earthquakes and tsunamis. This support is especially relevant in the context of the severe climate change impacts faced by Pacific nations like Fiji. One of the key challenges faced by the sector is the timely deployment into relief and the transition into early recovery and lasting resilience. This is important to ensure affected communities are provided a pathway to durable shelter solutions as quickly as possible. The Fiji Shelter Handbook will be used as a foundational collection of shelter approaches appropriate for use in Fiji during an emergency response. It will be a living document that will be reviewed regularly and updated as response protocols evolve, new technologies emerge and communities develop. The Handbook can also be used for training and as a reference manual to better understand shelter response in Fiji. It has been designed to help shelter responders quickly understand the Fijian disaster risk management environment and offer localised practical solutions.

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