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International Recovery Platform

Hydrometeorological and climate services modernisation plan for Honduras

This Modernisation Plan aims to support the development of climate resilience in Honduras by improving climate, meteorological and hydrological services and by strengthening early warning systems regarding hydrometeorological and climate risk and the management of water resources. The plan is based on an analysis of the gaps that exist between the demand made by users and the need for meteorological, hydrological and climate services versus the ability of the institutions providing such information to respond to such demand in Honduras. The plan puts forward actions to increase the country's ability to produce and communicate hydrometeorological and climate information. Special attention is paid to strengthening early warning systems and helping users to access, interpret and use this information alongside other technical information as a foundation for planning and decision-making. The experience of many countries that have undertaken this process shows that the modernisation of hydrometeorological services needs to tackle three spheres in a complementary manner: Institutional strengthening Modernisation of the observation and forecasting infrastructure Improvement in the provision of services The plan proposes 20 activities grouped into these three spheres, structured across a six-year timeline, with activities to be implemented in the short term (one to three years) and in the middle term (four to six years).

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