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International Recovery Platform

Lower Manhattan climate resilience study

As part of the Lower Manhattan Coastal Resiliency project, an integrated coastal protection initiative, this study provides recommendations and guides future investments for building climate resilience in Manhattan after Hurricane Sandy in 2012. The study followed these guiding objectives: Identify the extent of climate hazards and exposure in Lower Manhattan in the 2050s and 2100; Assess options for adapting to climate threats over the long-term and maximize climate adaptation wherever possible to address a comprehensive set of climate hazard impacts; Support the creation and integration of urban co-benefits for Lower Manhattan, where possible, to serve the Lower Manhattan community; Establish a phased series of recommendations to maximize near- and long-term solutions and develop a long-term climate resilience strategy, informed by existing planning efforts and projects that are already underway. This study builds on past efforts and leadership by the Lower Manhattan communities and the City after Hurricane Sandy, and lays the path forward for the next phase of climate resilience planning for Lower Manhattan's future.

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