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Malawi 2019 floods post disaster needs assessment report

On 8 March, in consideration of the impact of the heavy rains, floods and strong winds associated with Tropical Cyclone Idai, the Government of Malawi ("the Government") declared a State of Disaster in the 13 districts and two cities in the Southern Region and two districts in the Central Region. To enable a full understanding of the effects and impact of the disaster, the Government, in line with international best practice, initiated a Post Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA) to inform recovery and resilience interventions. This PDNA was organized around a number of sectors and subsectors, as follows: The social sector (housing, health and nutrition, education). The productive sector (agriculture: crops, livestock, irrigation, and fisheries; and commerce and industry). The infrastructure sector (transport, energy, water supply and sanitation, and water resources). Cross cutting issues (disaster risk reduction, DRR; environmental water systems; EWS, environment; social protection). In addition, the PDNA conducted both a macro-economic impact analysis and a human development impact analysis. The PDNA is structured according to the disaster's effects and impacts, damage and loss, a recovery strategy, and key recommendations for resilience building.

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