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Australia: The Inspector-General Emergency Management report 3: 2018-19 review - 2019 monsoon trough, rainfall and flood review

The purpose of this review is to independently assess the effectiveness of preparedness activity for and response to the Monsoon Trough in January and February 2019 that occurred in north and north west Queensland. Overall, this review finds that disaster management arrangements in north and north west Queensland were effective in preparing for and responding to the Monsoon Trough event. A maturing of Queensland's disaster management arrangements was clearly evident in the review assessment of the event, with local leaders and agencies demonstrating the learning of lessons identified from past events. This helped shape performance and underpinned effective preparation and decision making. This has resulted in the refinement of arrangements and operations in sharing responsibility to keep the community safe. This review also identifies a number of broad opportunities for improvement, including the need for: Further work to be undertaken around public flood risk messaging and community education. The on-going development of online 'dashboards' as the local 'point of truth' during disasters. State Government agencies with key roles and responsibilities around disaster recovery to provide increased support in the development of recovery plans at the local level. A revision of evacuation centre management plans to better manage vulnerable persons. The establishment of clear local plans and arrangements regarding offers of assistance. Addressing these improvement opportunities will support the ultimate goal of providing all Queenslanders with the best possible disaster management arrangements.

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