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International Recovery Platform

Guidance for disaster recovery preparedness in Hawai'i

Hawaii's communities are highly vulnerable to extreme natural disaster events. Disaster recovery preparedness activities set the stage for recovery from a disaster event informed by and contributing to a county's planning and implementation framework. In preparing for disaster recovery, county policies, plans, and ordinances will inform the process. However, updates or revisions to these policies, plans, and ordinances are needed to support more resilient disaster recovery and reconstruction. This Disaster Recovery Preparedness Guidance was developed to help state and county planners: Improve governance structures for recovery functions. Identify pathways to pursue critical disaster recovery preparedness activities to support resilient recovery and reconstruction. Encourage integration of disaster recovery preparedness efforts among related plans and policies. The more thoroughly that recovery issues can be contemplated in advance, the greater the efficiency and quality of post-disaster decision-making will be, which will then lead to more resilient community recovery.

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