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International Recovery Platform

California native plant society releases statewide wildfire recovery guide

The Fire Recovery Guide offers science-based perspectives for those working toward recovery of land while reducing risk going forward, helping to assess when and how to take action to support the ecosystems put in danger by wild fires. California has experienced its deadliest and most severe wild fire seasons in recent history. Although wild fire is a natural part of California's ecosystems, the changing fireregimes are something new a "new normal" that demands forward-thinking and thoughtful solutions. Municipalities, state leaders, scientists, and neighbors are working quickly to advance our knowledge, protect human life, minimize property damage, and carefully manage sensitive natural resources. This guide begins with a brief overview of fire ecology to help to familiarize with concepts like fire regimes, and the ways individual plants and plant communities respond to fire; then an overview of the most common areas of concern like erosion, re-damagedtrees, re-seeding, and defensible space is presented. Ultimately an overview of wild fire stimulating new growth is offered, along with how to protect and care about the new ecosystems shaped by fires.

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