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International Recovery Platform

City resilience program: Program brief: Catalyzing urban resilience

This City Resilience Program (CRP) is driven by the belief that a resilient future for our cities is possible. CRP aims to empower cities to pursue comprehensive investment programs to strengthen resilience, and to access a broad range of financing options. Strengthening urban resilience is a complicated process. CRP works to effectively bring in the broad set of World Bank Group's sectoral expertise to help cities integrate climate and risk scenarios into their upstream urban planning. Relying on the advancement of geospatial technologies such as remote sensing, CRP breaks the silos of sectors by facilitating spatial planning to allow visually laying out key risk information, and factoring climate change scenarios into investment planning. CRP acts as the banker of a city, and catalyzes the flow of financial resources to emerging markets while boosting the bankability of investment projects. Along its two area of focus, CRP developed two support tracks that run in parallel: the Resilience Enhancement Track and the Capital Mobilization Track. Each track takes place in three phases throughout which cities receive dedicated support along project identification, project design and project implementation.

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