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International Recovery Platform

30 Innovations for Disaster Risk Reduction

Extreme events are increasing in frequency and intensity. It is therefore necessary to find innovative solutions to minimize damage and future impacts. This book compiles technological innovations and social innovations to improve policies and practices on disaster risk reduction and management. The authors identified 14 innovative products and 16 innovative approaches. Each innovation is assessed based on its contribution to reducing number of deaths, reducing economic losses, cost-effectiveness, level of penetration, environmental friendliness, and behavioral change. The publication also discusses how innovations change the existing DRR status and strategies and the extent to which it is innovative. These innovations offer solutions that do not require large budgets or the use of advanced technology. In this regard, economies and regions can identify the most suitable solutions for their own geographical conditions, financial and human resources, and the availability of technology. This document intends to support the development of localized innovations for reducing future disaster risks, providing increasingly effective and prompt responses, and recovery.

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