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Engaging Local Actors in Disaster Recovery Frameworks

The Guide to Engaging Local Actors in Disaster Recovery Frameworks is based on the Guide to Developing Disaster Recovery Frameworks, which aims to support governments at the national level to assist with recovery planning and implementation. In line with the national level guide, this Guide is intended as a practice-based, results-focused tool to assist local governments and partners in planning for resilient post-disaster recovery.

The Guide seeks to further define the Framework for application by local governments; ensuring disaster recovery planning and implementation is tailored to the local context and needs. The Guide aims to strengthen capacity of local government to engage with local actors, undertake assessments, and develop arrangements for implementation and financing.

The Guide enables local governments and other local actors to develop a process to assess the recovery context; to revise, update and consider future recovery policies, plans and interventions based on the available resources and institutional arrangements. This should be a progressive effort where all recovery actors support the local government and disaster-affected communities towards resilient recovery.

The Guide, and recommended tools within, was written based upon interviews, desk research and case studies from seven sites of disaster recovery in Colombia, Serbia, Senegal, India and Indonesia which are used as examples in the document and presented in detail in the Annexes.

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