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International Recovery Platform

Evaluating the implementation of the "Build-Back-Better" concept for critical infrastructure systems: Lessons from Saint-Martin's island following Hurricane Irma

This study evaluates the state of Saint-Martin's CI before and after Hurricane Irma and, accordingly, reveals the indicators to assess during reconstruction projects. The proposed methods offer practitioners a guidance tool for planning efficient BBB CI projects or for evaluating ongoing programs through the established BBB evaluation grid.

Key findings of the study offer insights and a new conceptual equation of the BBB CI by revealing the holistic and interdisciplinary connotations behind the term "Better" CI: "Build-Back-resilient", "Build-Back-sustainable", and "Build-Back-accessible to all and upgraded CI". The proposed explanations can facilitate the efficient application of BBB for CI by operators, stakeholders, and practitioners and can help them to contextualize the term "Better" with respect to their area and its CI systems.

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