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International Recovery Platform

How to enhance community recovery after disasters

Using an adapted version of the Community Capitals Framework, the Recovery capitals project promotes a multidimensional and inclusive, systemic approach to disaster recovery. The research emphasises the interactions between natural, cultural, human, social, political, built and financial capital resources in disaster recovery. Researchers are developing a set of evidence-based resources to guide recovery workers, having launched the first guidance document in July 2020 to support current Australian recovery from the Black Summer bushfires and the COVID-19 pandemic.

The resulting resources will consider people, geographies and temporality, while interweaving issues of access, equity and diversity. The paper addresses three points to consider:

  1. What local groups, spaces, resources and activities help people connect with each other socially? How can these be supported? Be sure these opportunities are culturally sensitive and support marginalised groups.
  2. Facilitate ways for people to connect (e.g. through free local events) even if they are far apart (e.g. community pages on social media).
  3. Are there people who will have less opportunity to decide whether to stay or relocate than others (e.g. those in public housing or in rental homes)? Identify opportunities to help these people to connect and access support.

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