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International Recovery Platform

State and trends in adaptation report 2020

This report, the first in a series, examines in detail the intertwined effects of the pandemic and climate change, and analyzes how these affect the prospects and ability of countries to recover better. In particular, the report highlights how smart adaptation strategies can contribute to better health outcomes, environmental benefits, and economic recoveries, and strengthen resilience against future systemic shocks.

This report examines the progress we have made so far, the bright spots in international collaboration and scalable solutions, the specific regional challenges that remain, and suggests key actions to chart the way forward to a climate-safe future for all.

A second edition of the report series, scheduled to coincide with COP26, will focus on Africa and the critical adaptation needs of the continent. Future reports will have special themes exploring lessons learnt from practice, and new developments in adaptation and resilience. As new climate impacts inevitably emerge and intensify, we aim to identify fresh strategies and solutions for adapting to climate change. The report series is closely linked with the associated online platform, the State and Trends in Adaptation Knowledge Exchange (

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