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International Recovery Platform

post nargis recovery plan Dec 2008

Identifying overall objectives and specific targets for each of the eight key sectors, this report sets out a framework for assistance from the international community that is complementary to the Government’s own reconstruction plans. It is by necessity indicative and the costing tentative, and is likely to be reviewed and updated during its first year. It provides a framework for a smooth transition from emergency relief and early recovery, towards medium and then longer term recovery. The PONREPP proposes a strategy that will be community-based and community-driven, while also strengthening aid coordination, management, and tracking to promote maximum aid effectiveness. This report has been jointly prepared by the Government of the Union of Myanmar, the United Nations and the ASEAN, with the generous help of the humanitarian community that is working to bring relief and recovery to the victims of cyclone Nargis. The TCG greatly appreciates the contributions from all the partners in this important process.

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