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International Recovery Platform

PDNA workspace launched at Global PDNA dialogue

PDNA workspace launched at Global PDNA dialogue

PDNA Workspace Launch

5 October 2010 Washington DC

Since the inception of the Post-Disaster Needs Assessment project it was clear that a simple but effective information platform would need to be created to address PDNA information needs and serve its many stakeholders both at the global level as well as in the field.

At the global level, an inter-agency web-based platform owned by and serving PDNA stakeholders is required to facilitate coordination, consultation and support the ongoing dialogue on the PDNA throughout its development and future conduct. At the field level, PDNA teams and partners in the field in addition to those supporting from a distance (in the capital, at regional offices and at headquarters) lacked a user-friendly and dynamic workspace which they can use as a collaboration tool to facilitate consultation and discussion as well as support coordination throughout the entire PDNA process.
With the express intention to address these issues a PDNA Workspace was developed and tested, hosted on the International Recovery Platform website. The overarching goal of the PDNA website is to provide PDNA stakeholders at the global and field levels with a web-based platform to facilitate coordination, consultation and information exchange throughout the entire PDNA process. The workspace provides a global PDNA website and a “shell” for PDNA country collaborative workspaces, based on the structure and according to the functional specifications informed by past experience of PDNAs. The workspace is now available in French and Spanish languages as well.
The workspace was launched at the Global Dialogue on Post-Disaster Recovery and Reconstruction Planning organized by the World Bank (GFDRR), EC and the UN.  


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