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International Recovery Platform

Haiti Earthquake Reconstruction Knowledge Notes

The devastating Haiti Earthquake of January 2010 created major challenges on a variety of fronts. To support the Government of Haiti’s decision-making on the recovery and reconstruction operations, the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR) decided to make available expert advice and global best practices to the Government by mobilizing the World Bank Global Expert Team (GET) (and also procuring external expertise where in-house expertise was not available) to prepare Knowledge/Good Practice Notes on ten identified, ‘burning’ post-disaster recovery and reconstruction issues in a time-bound manner. These knowledge notes covered a number of key sectors including: Building Seismic Safety Assessment; Debris Management; Environmental and Social Assessment; Experience with Post Disaster Income Support Programs; Land Tenure; Management of Recovery Managing Post-Disaster Aid; Rebuild or Relocate; Transitional Shelter, and; Helping Women and Children to Recover and Build Resilient Communities.

Haiti Earthquake Reconstruction Knowledge Notes


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