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International Recovery Platform

Action Plan for National Development and Recovery of Haiti

The priorities of the Action Plan for National Recovery and Development are responding to the urgent situation immediately, relaunching economic, governmental, and social activity, reducing Haiti’s vulnerability to natural disasters, and putting Haiti back on the road to development. The plan is divided into two phases. The first is in the immediate future, which lasts 18 months, covers the end of the emergency period and includes preparation for projects to generate genuine renewal. The second stage has a time horizon of ten years, allowing it to take into account three programming cycles of the National Strategy for Growth and Poverty Reduction. This is why the plan proposes to set up a Temporary Committee for Rebuilding Haiti, which will eventually become the Agency for the Development of Haiti, and a Multiple Donor Fiduciary Fund that will enable the preparation of files, the formulation of programmes and projects as well as their financing and execution, all with a coordinated and coherent approach. The plan focuses primarily on activities financed by public aid for development since it is the outcome of a meeting held by donors. It still leaves plenty of room for other actors in the business and private sectors and NGOs, who are essential players in Haiti’s renewal. It puts forward a macro-economic framework based on growth and a series of measures to facilitate wealth creation by the private sector.

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