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International Recovery Platform

Communicating In Recovery

This guide is for people or organisations working and managing information in a post emergency/disaster environment. There are a number of different audiences in a post disaster environment, all of whom need information. Target audiences may include affected individuals, the affected community, the broader general public, community leaders, the private sector, the media, government representatives and agencies, non-government agencies and emergency services organisations. While emergencies vary greatly, the basic rules and methods of communication in recovery are similar. Affected people often require the same types of information, irrespective of the type of emergency. This resource takes an all-hazards approach with no geographic focus, and can be used in large or small emergencies. The advice in this guide is not designed for immediate relief services, but Red Cross welcomes organisations to adapt the material to their needs. There is no geographic focus to this resource. However, it has been developed primarily to suit the conditions of recovery in Australia. Use of this guide for other areas would require modifications where appropriate.

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