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International Recovery Platform

Community Damage Assessment and Demand Analysis

Based on All India Disaster Mitigation Institute’s work with communities through dozens of disasters, this Damage Assessment is both relevant and specific to disaster victim needs.

Community Damage Assessment and Demand Analysis

The first chapter speaks to the appropriateness of
community-based needs analysis. The second chapter addresses
common challenges relevant to gathering correct and pertinent
information for disaster relief and rehabilitation. It also gives
recommendations for constituting an analysis team and details
the Assessment Process. Chapter 3 suggests four different types of
reports—as appropriate for the relief phase: Flash Reports, Initial
Reports, Interim Reports, and Final Reports. Detailed formats for
each type of report are provided in the Annexure.
Chapter 4 makes suggestions relevant to standardizing
information systems for decision makers to be able to act quickly.
Chapters 5 and 6 discuss the Sphere Project’s Minimum
Standards in Disaster Response and the Red Cross’s
Humanitarian Charter.

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