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International Recovery Platform

Minimum Standards for Economic Recovery after Crisis

The Minimum Standards are presented in six categories. It is critical that the first two categories, Standards Common to All Economic Recovery Interventions and Assessments and Analysis Standards, be read first, before turning to each relevant technical section. The standards outlined in these two sections provide the overarching system under which all of the minimum standards operate.

Minimum Standards for Economic Recovery

The minimum standards articulate the minimum level of technical and other assistance to be provided in promoting the recovery of economies and livelihoods affected by crisis. Each standard is presented as follows:
• The Minimum Standards are qualitative in nature and specify the minimum levels to be attained.
• The key indicators are signals that indicate whether the standards are being attained. They measure and communicate the impact (or result) of programs, as well as the process or methods used.
• The guidance notes include specific points to consider when applying the standards and indicators in different situations, guidance on tackling practical difficulties, and advice on priority issues. They may also include critical issues relating to the standards or indicators, and describe dilemmas, controversies, or gaps in current knowledge.

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