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International Recovery Platform

Keeping Track of Our Changing Environment

This publication helps to tell the story of where the world was 20 years ago and where we collectively stand today, and to show the direction in which we need to move in a post-Rio+20 world. It also highlights the missing pieces in our knowledge about the state of environment— such as those related to freshwater quality and quantity, ground water depletion, ecosystem services, loss of natural habitat, land degradation, chemicals and waste—due to lack of regular monitoring, collection and compilation of data. Scientifi cally-credible data for environmental monitoring remains inadequate and the challenge of building in-country capacity to produce better policy-relevant data needs urgent attention.

Keeping Track of Our Changing Environment

This Report has been prepared within the framework of UNEP’s fi fth Global Environment Outlook (GEO-5) reporting process. It
complements the detailed information on the status and trends of the global environment and information on related policy measures.

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