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International Recovery Platform

Enhancing resilience to shocks and stresses

This document explains resilience in the context of disaster and climate change, giving nine examples of case studies from Action Contre la Faim (ACF) resiliency projects around the world. The document is comprised of six sections: (i) section one defines resilience and the effects of shocks and stresses; (ii) section two explains ACF's target groups for resilience (individuals, households, and communities); (iii) section three explains how to measure resilience and the characteristics of disaster resilient communities; (iv) section four offers three strategies to operationalize resilience to disaster and climate change; (v) section five encourages advocacy for resilience, outlining key messages on advocacy; (vi) section six contains nice case studies from ACF on resilience building. The case studies are based on ACF's two-pronged approach: to address the urgent needs of those affected by disasters and to build an adaptive strategy through disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation in order to protect lives and livelihoods from shocks and stresses.

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