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International Recovery Platform


Managing a PDNA requires close interaction between the national government and the respective country-representatives of the UN, the EC, the WB and other partners that may be interested in supporting the PDNA. In disaster-prone countries such interaction and the planning for a PDNA should ideally be initiated as part of joint contingency planning for a disaster event, in order that all the necessary agreements and arrangements for a PDNA are in place before a disaster occurs and in order to avoid the ‘tyranny of rush’ that often follows the onset of, in particular, major disasters.

Effective management of a PDNA also requires close interaction between the UN, the EC, the WB and other international partners at headquarters level to ensure that resources offered in support of a PDNA and the development of a recovery framework are well coordinated and mutually supportive. Once on the ground, the principles of an effective PDNA should be: one assessment structure, one assessment process and one assessment output — the recovery framework.