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International Recovery Platform

Strengthening disaster risk management in East Asia and the Pacific distance learning seminar series: Session 3

Session 3: Specialized seminar on local government approaches to disaster risk management: climate resilient cities


In the 1990s, more than one billion people worldwide were affected by natural disasters, with direct economic losses of $629 billion. The East Asia and the Pacific region is highly vulnerable to the impacts of multiple natural disasters, including earthquakes, volcanic activity, tsunamis, floods, drought, typhoons, and sea level rise. Since 1990, natural disasters in the region have caused more than $50 billion in damage and affected more than 2 billion people. Natural disasters in the region are projected to increase in the coming decades, and their frequency and severity will be intensified by climate change impacts. Cities in the region will face the brunt of these impacts because of their size, growth, geogrpahy, and economic clout. For cities to continue to fuel growth and poverty reduction, mainstreaming reslience into city management and planning is essential. The Climate Resilient Cities Primer offers a framework to help local governments reduce their vulnerabilities through stakeholder involvement and an integrated approach to disaster risk management.

Regional Distance Learning Seminar Series

As part of the EAP Sector Management Unit Initiatives, which is a program promoting outreach and knowledge-sharing, the East Asia and Pacific Disaster Risk Management (DRM) team, in collaboration with the Global Development Learning Network (GDLN), has planned a learning and knowledge sharing seminar series to reach counterparts in countries of the region, as well as staff working in country offices.

This seminar series will highlight three areas:

Within these three areas of focus, this series is comprised of 6 sessions delivered via VC by connecting 5-6 countries in the region starting from December 2008 to June 2009.

SESSION 1: 11 Dec. 2008 (Completed)
Lesson learned and knowledge sharing seminar on post-disaster recovery

SESSION 2: 11 Feb. 2009 (Completed)
Specialized seminar – Introduction to catastrophe risk financing frameworks

SESSION 3: 6 March 2009
Local government approaches to disaster risk management and climate change: Climate resilient cities

SESSION 4: April 2009 (TBD)
Housing and community reconstruction after disasters

SESSION 5: May 2009 (TBD)
Community based disaster risk managment

SESSION 6: June 2009 (TBD)
World Bank's new risk financing products

VC linking

Australia (Canberra),
Philippines (Makati, Manila),
Indonesia (Jakarta),
Thailand (Bangkok)
China (Beijing)
Japan (Tokyo)

with live web-streaming 11:00- 14:00 (Tokyo time)

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